Kings of Ikshvaku dynasty

Ikshvakus ruled the Andhra region after the fall of the Satavahana dynasty. As per Matsya Purana, seven kings ruled the dynasty for about 52 years. In Matya Purana, Dwipanchasatham is the word used for their glorious years of ruling and this indicates either 52 years or 100 years as propounded by Porgitor. As mentioned in Nagarjuna Konda inscription and Jaggayapeta Inscription only four kings ruled the dynasty. As per Phanigiri Inscription, Rudrapurushadatta ruled for 18 years.

Sources of the Ikshvaku dynasty

Ikshvaku Dynasty became prominent after the the rule of Satavahana Dynasty in the Andhra region. They carried their rule from Vijayapuri, it was their capital city. They ruled for about 75 years. They are Mahatalavaras to Satavahana rulers. The inscription at Phanikonda states, Sri Santhamula of the Ikshvaku Dynasty was Mahatalavara to Satavahanas.

Religion of Satavahanas

The Satavahanas established their supremacy in parts of central and south India in the post-Mauryan era. When they began their power consolidation, the religions such as Jainism and Buddhism already are being followed by the people in the south and central parts of India. The kingdoms of Kalinga and Karnataka have Buddhism flourishing in their territories. The Buddhism stabilized in Andhra region also at the same time. Satavahanas patronized Vedic Religion during their reign and the same resulted in the spread of this religion in South India. Apart from patronizing Vedic Religion primarily, the Satavahanas also equally or next to the Vedic Religion gave importance to the Jainism and Buddhism.

Literature of Satavahana Dynasty

The official language of satavahana dynasty was Prakrit. During the reign of Hala of satavahanas, it was the golden age for Prakrit. The inscriptions of satavahanas were all mostly issued in Prakrit. Prakrit was the official language, language for daily usage and as well the language for literature. However, Sanskrit was also used during this period. Hala of Satavahanas wrote Gadhasapthasathi, which was a famous book that has details about social life during the period of satavahanas.

Economy of Satavahana Dynasty

The main source of income for satavahanas was agriculture. The primary occupation of the people was also agriculture. The rights of the people over the lands were recognized. Entire land in the kingdom doesn't belong to the king himself; the king has got rights only on his lands. Hereunder have a detailed look at the information about the economic conditions during the Satavahana dynasty.