Who were Satavahanas

Who were Satavahana rulers? What was the origin of the rulers of Satavahana Empire? This question has got many answers with different views and opinions. Several intellects described the origins of satavahana rulers differently and they are all compiled here under.

Origins of Satavahana Rulers

According to BSL Hanumanthrao, satavahana rulers were Aryans. According to RS Sharma, the rulers of Satavahana Dynasty were Dravidians.

Earliest mention of Satavahana Empire can be traced back to Katha Saritsagaram of Some Deva Suri. In his work Soma Deva Suri mentioned that the rulers of Satavahana Empire were the descendants of the one born to Yaksha named Satha and a Brahman woman.

According to a Jain text Dwatramsika Puttalika, the rulers of satavahana Empire were the descendants of the one born to Satavahana, a Brahman, and a woman of Naga. In Nasik inscription which was issued by Gautami Balasri it was stated that the rulers of satavahana Empire were Brahmans. Also, in the same inscription it was mentioned that Gautami Putra Satakarni, a ruler of Satavahana Empire and the son of Gautami Balasri, was given a title Eka Brahmana.

Pratishthanapuram Kalpa was a book written by Jina Prabhasuri. In his book, Jina Prabhasuri mentioned that the rulers of Satavahana Empire belong to Naga clan. He further stated that, a Brahman woman was married to Nagaraja of Naga clan. Satavahana was the name given to the one born to them. The rulers of Satavahana Empire were the descendants of Satavahana.

Birth place of Satavahana Rulers

VS Sukthankar propounded a theory about the birth place of Satavahana rulers. According to him, the Satavahana rulers belong to the state of Karnataka. More specifically, they originated from Ballary region in Karnataka. The last ruler of Satavahana Empire, Pulomavi III issued Mekhadoni Inscription in this region.

PT Srinivas Ayyangar opined that the rulers of satavahana dynasty belong to Maharashtra. According to him, they belong to the Nasik region in Maharashtra.

According to a theory, the rulers of Satavahana Empire were from Vidarbha region in Maharashtra. This conclusion was drawn from the evidence that Gautami Putra Satakarni of Satavahana Empire assumed the title Banga Kataka. Bango and Kanhan were two tributaries of Wainganga River flow in the vidarbha region.

DK Gopalachary proposed the Andhra theory of Satavahana Rulers. According to him, the rulers of Satavahana Empire belong to Andhra region. There are several evidences to support this theory. The coins of Srimukha were excavated near Kondapur Kotilingala. The wedding venue of King Hala, a ruler of satavahana empire, was at Draksharamam in Andhra Pradesh. In Nasik inscription of Gautami Balasri there was a mention of many hills namely; Mahendragiri, Siritani, Sathagiri. All these hills were in Andhra region.

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