Satakarni I of Satavahana Dynasty

Satakarni I was the son of Srimukha the founder of Satavahana Dynasty. However, Satakarni I was the real founder as he took the glory of Satavahana Dynasty to zenith. Satakarni I was mentioned in puranas by the name Mallakarna.

Satakarni I married Devi Naganika. She was the daughter of Maharathi Trayinokaro who was ruling over Maharashtra and was a subordinate ruler to Satakarni I. With this marriage alliance, the Satavahana Dynasty has spread further into Maharashtra region. Devi Naganika issued Nanaghat inscription and mentioned her husband Satakarni I in the inscription as Sura Dakshina Padhapathi.

Satakarni I fought with Kharavela of Kalinga. Kharavela attacked Machilipatnam and the surrounding regions including Mushika Nagaram and Hithunda Nagaram. This is evident from Kharavela inscription of Hathigumpa. In Hathigumpa inscription River Krishna flowing near Eluru in Andhra Pradesh was mentioned as Khanabhena. According to Hathigumpa inscription, Kharavela defeated Satakarni I and the same was evident from Guntupalli inscription.

Satakarni I fought with Pushyamitra Shunga of Magadha. Satakarni I occupied South of Vidarbha. He defeated Pushyamitra Shunga and conquered Ujjain from him. To commemorate this victory his issued coins with Ujjain name and city picture struck over them.

Satakarni I performed two Ashwamedha Yagas and one Rajasuya Yaga. He donated lands to Brahmans and declared tax exemptions to them. He donated 43 thousand goats and 27 thousand horses to Brahmans.

Satakarni I have four sons and they were all minors at the time his death. Post his death, his wife Devi Naganika ruled satavahana dynasty for some time. 

Devi Naganika

Devi Naganika ruled Satavahana Dynasty for some time after Satakarni I. This is because, all the sons of the Satakarni I were minors during the time of King's death. Devi Naganika issued Nanaghat inscription which speaks about the glory of her husband Satakarni I.

According to Nagaghat Inscription, Satakarni I occupied Ujjain. Satakarni I defeated Mahishapathi, a king of Madhya Pradesh. 

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