Srimukha of Satavahana Dynasty

Srimukha was the founder of satavahana dynasty. According to matsya purana, srimukha ruled for 23 years. His reign went on from 271 BC to 248 BC. His other names were Simukha or Chimuka according to matsya purana. According to vayu purana, he was also called as Sindhuka. In Vishnu purana he was mentioned as Balapruchaka. His father was Satavahana or Salivahana. In Nanaghat inscription of Devi Naganika, srimukha was mention as srimukha and satavahana parimala.

Srimukha was a subordinate for some period to Mauryans and was ruling from Kotilingala and then he became independent. He was a contemporary to King Ashoka of Mauryan Empire. According to BC Sarkar, Srimukha was mentioned as Raya by Ashoka of Mauryans.

Coins issued by Srimukha were excavated in kontilingala on which his name was mentioned as Chimuka. He issued coins with the name Sadvahana also. His other names according to the coins issued by him were Ranagobadhra and Ranagoswami. His coins were excavated in Medak district at Kondapur.

Srimukha was a follower of Jainism initially and later took vedic religion. He was a Jain as mentioned in a Jain text Dwatramsika Puttalika. Famous Jain holy places during his reign were Kolanupaka in Nalgonda district and Konakondla in Ananthapur district. Jain monk Konda kunda Acharya lived in konakondla.

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